Saii iTrack Motion Alarm Smart Key Finder - Nero

Saii iTrack Motion Alarm Smart Key Finder - Nero
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  • Saii iTrack Motion Alarm Smart Bluetooth Key Finder / Tracker for iOS, Android - with Remote Camera Shutter

    If you feel like you're constantly losing your keys, phone or wallet, get ready to meet your new best friend - the Saii iTrack Motion Bluetooth Key Finder, which will make your life much easier. With this cool and compact gadget, you will never lose or forget your things again. Attach this smart motion tracker to your keychain, wallet, luggage or practically anything and get notified whenever the key finder is moved.
    This useful anti-lost gadget uses Bluetooth 4.0 to help you find your lost items using your smartphone - press the app button, and the Saii iTrack Motion will ring. This feature also works vice-versa, hold the button on your smart key finder to find the misplaced smartphone (even when it's on silent).

    - Bluetooth version: 4.0 (BLE)
    - Required OS: Android 4.3 or newer, iOS 8.0 or later
    - The iTrackEasy app is available on GooglePlay and App Store
    - Battery type: CR2032, button cell, replaceable
    - Battery life: up to 12 months
    - Sensor type: motion sensor
    - Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS
    - Built-in 85dB loudspeaker
    - Dimensions: 36mm x 36mm x 5.8mm
    - Weight: about 10g
    - Package includes one strong 3M adhesive tape

    Lost item tracker

    With the compact Saii smart Bluetooth tracker, you'll always find your everyday essentials such as keys, wallet, phone, purse quickly and easily, with a simple press of a button. This smart Bluetooth finder is made to help you preserve all the things you can't afford to lose, so attach it to your valuables and get yourself a peace of mind.

    Motion alert

    The Saii iTrack Motion will alert you when your tracked item is moved. This feature is convenient for busy places, such as airports or bus stations, where you can't constantly keep an eye on your valuables. When the smartphone and the motion tracker are out of usual range, both devices will make a sound to alert you.

    Movement log & Last seen Location

    In case you're away, and the tracked item is moved, then you can still get the notification and access to motion history when you get back in range. If you lose your Saii iTrack Motion, the map will show its last known location so that you can know where to search for it. When your key finder is lost, you need to select "mark as lost" option in the app, and if any iTrackEasy user comes near your iTrack Motion, you will receive the "device found" notification and its GPS location.

    Camera remote function

    Say goodbye to blurry pictures - use the Saii iTrack Motion as a camera remote and take perfect selfies and group photos with ease. The gadget connects to your device via Bluetooth, it's simple to use and easy to carry around. This added feature will make the Saii iTrack Motion an irreplaceable feature for all your travels.

    Long lasting battery

    The Saii smart key finder uses the low energy consuming Bluetooth 4.0, and its replaceable battery can easily last up to one year. If the "Safe Wi-Fi area" or "Sleep mode" is on, the alerts will be disabled, so it will not disturb you when you don't want to.

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    EAN: 5712579666857

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